Good Food and Friendly Staff

I have lived in Niagara Falls Canada for 48 years. Back then this property was an Avondale convenience store and also a favourite …RAINBOW DAIRY PEPPERMINT STICK ice cream store. It was a popular spot for our community to treat our family and friends to Ice cream cones ,sundaes & milkshakes. Then the convenience store became CHATTERS…which was also a favourite spot to gather for delicious food and fellowship. Today it is GREEK on PORTAGE and also several Banquet Rooms. Through the years with the changes taking place one thing hasn’t changed…good food and friendly staff. The quality of food and atmosphere has continued to be excellent. Why ? Because the owners and staff are still there from the early days. Fond memories for many of us who are locals and many who are visiting our fair city. Best Wishes to everyone at GREEK on PORTAGE !!

ChicabonitadiabloNiagara Falls